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GEWA Guitar case Masterpieces De Luxe Classical guitar
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GEWA Guitar case Masterpieces De Luxe Classical guitar

  • 100% Carbon
  • Ultra-light weight from 2.8kg (Classical Guitar) or 3.0 kg (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Hand-sewn leather handle
  • Black fittings
  • Removable, non-slip and padded 75 mm wide rucksack straps
  • Accessory compartment with lid
  • Premium velvet lining
  • Sturdy lock (developed in Germany)
  • Synthetic hinges
  • Security Straps protect against accidental opening of the carabiner
  • Internal colour: black
  • Innen dimensions of acoustic guitar model:
  • Total length: 111.5 cm
  • Body length: 52 cm
  • Upper bow: 30.5 cm
  • Middle bow: 28.5 cm
  • Lower bow: 41 cm
  • Body height: 13 cm
GEWA item number:
2800 g


The ultra-light guitar cases of the GEWA Masterpiece De Luxe series are masterpieces of case making and made for premium class instruments.

The extremely robust shell made of 100% carbon guarantees maximum safety even in fluctuating ambient temperatures.

For their production, carbon fibre mats are soaked in resin and baked in a special arrangement in a mould under pressure and heat. After curing, the result is a shell that is extraordinarily resistant in every respect, with maximum torsional strength at minimum weight, good insulation properties and extreme puncture protection.

The simple, elegant look reflects this first-class standard in every respect and is rounded off by black locks and fittings. The centre lock uses a number combination to prevent unauthorised opening of the case.

The interior is lined with a black premium velvet lining and has a spacious accessory compartment with lid.

The hand-sewn genuine leather handle and the padded, detachable backpack straps, whose carabiners are additionally protected against accidental opening with security straps, ensure comfortable handling.

The feet are extremely practical and allow the case to be placed in various positions for stability.

Of course, the cases of the Masterpiece De Luxe series were not only developed in Germany, but also completely manufactured in GEWA's own workshops. There's a reason that they bear the label "Made In Germany".

GEWA Masterpiece De Luxe cases are available to fit both classical and acoustic guitars.

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At its core, it's all about quality.

To ensure that we can meet this demand at all times and without compromise, we develop and manufacture GEWA Made in Germany cases in-house.

In Germany. In the Saxon "Musicon Valley".

The upper class of our cases, which are primarily aimed at professional musicians, are designed and developed on site by our teams of experts and manufactured by qualified specialists. In our case manufacture, state-of-the-art production methods according to the latest standards are combined with traditional craftsmanship at the highest level.

Careful selection of materials and the proverbial indestructibility of our cases have earned us an excellent reputation over the years among the leading musicians of the respective era. A GEWA case accompanies you and your instrument for a lifetime. No matter where your path takes you, you can always rely on our cases, because we also care about your instrument.

At GEWA Made in Germany, tradition becomes the present.

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