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Ovation Leaf Nylon strap white/black Guitar
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Ovation Leaf Nylon strap white/black Guitar

  • Ovation nylon strap, 50mm/2" wide, fully lined
  • Very sturdy leather ends, 3mm/.12" thick with embossed Ovation logo
  • Adjustable from 84cm/33" - 144cm/56.7"
  • No metal parts that could cause rattling noises.
  • Embroidered Ovation "Leaf" leaf vine motif on the Round Soundhole models
  • The woven leaf design features the oak leaves that have formed the Ovation soundhole rosettes since the early years.
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Fine instruments score not only with an excellent sound, but are also always a visual highlight.

This is especially true of OVATION's exciting and innovative designs.

So it is more than obvious to continue the fine overall look where musicians and instruments are connected; on the guitar strap.

The Ovation accessories range offers high-quality straps in various looks to suit all guitars and tastes.

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The success story of a visionary.

More than fifty years ago, Charles Kaman brought his idea of a modern guitar to the world market.

As an ambitious guitarist, he realised his dream and founded his own guitar company, Ovation Guitars, with a difference. He was inspired by traditional standards but he was also equipped with a pronounced openness towards new technology, which he owed to his roots as a developer and manufacturer of helicopters.

Kaman dared to approach guitar building in a way that polarises to this day. A special fibre-plastic composite (Lyrachord®) combined with a parabolic body shape (Roundback®) were the ingredients for a completely new sound experience in the already crowded acoustic guitar market.

The final breakthrough was made possible by the electro-acoustic version of the Ovation guitar.

Here too, Kaman's experience in the aerospace industry led the way for a development that resulted in the first piezo-electric pickup. This made it possible for acoustic guitarists to remain present even in a full band arrangement, or for soloists to perform at large open-air events without sacrificing sound quality.

This unique sound, coupled with the playing comfort of an electric guitar, still makes the Ovation a must-have for guitarists in clubs and stadiums alike.