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GEWA Responsibility

Music contributes to making the world a more beautiful and inhabitable place. And we, the musical instrument industry, have to do our part.

GEWA Responsibility is our strategy for more sustainability and responsibility in our company, for our customers, and towards the next generation.

The musical instrument industry has been better than its reputation for decades in terms of sustainability. That is good. But that's not nearly enough for us. We know that we can do much more. GEWA Responsibility is a promise of future perfection and, at the same time, an indication of processes that have already been realized. GEWA Responsibility impressively describes the path our company has already taken for many years.

We can guarantee all the successes and standards mentioned for our in-house production, be it our workshops in Germany or our own manufacturing sites in Asia. We work hard not only to demand the same standards from our suppliers, but also to implement them. GEWA Responsibility means setting a good example.

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Year after year we work with our partners to reduce our ecological footprint.

To achieve this, in our production we pay attention to...

• the avoidance of environmentally harmful chemicals.

• the continuous expansion in the use of water-based lacquers.

• compliance with strict limits for wastewater production.

• the use of sustainably harvested European woods.

• the selection of other raw materials such as textiles according to certified ecological criteria.



Our customers are the centre of our attention. This applies to their musical needs as well as to their personal health. Making music should be an unreserved pleasure for everyone. That is what we stand for.

Out of responsibility for your health we pay attention to...

• reliable REACH-compliant use of chemicals.

• strict control and avoidance of plasticizers.

• exclusive use of solvent-free lacquers.

• compliance with and regular review of all guidelines for children's toys for relevant products.



We are responsible for our own employees and the employees of our suppliers. It is our responsibility to protect the health of our employees and to ensure that every manufacturing process is carried out to the highest standards. That's why we set high standards for all employees in our own divisions, in Germany, in the rest of Europe, in the USA and in Asia.

These include...

• occupational health and safety in accordance with high international standards.

• working time regulations that enable an adequate work/life balance, regardless of the location.

• fair remuneration.

• consistent prohibition of child and forced labour.

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Aqua Finish

Für die Lackierung der Oberfläche des Musikinstruments
verwenden wir ausschließlich wasserbasierte und biokompatible

Um einen Lack zu verdünnen und sprühfähig zu machen, muss er mit Lösungsmittel versetzt werden. In herkömmlichen Produktionen von Musikinstrumenten werden hierfür vielfach gesundheitsgefährdende und ökologisch bedenkliche Stoffe verwendet. Bei den von GEWA verwendeten Lacken wird statt dieser herkömmlichen Lösungsmittel Wasser beigemischt. Die Trocknung bzw. Aushärtung erfolgt mittels ultraviolettem Licht (wasserbasierter UV-Lack).

Außerdem zeichnen sich unsere verwendeten Lacke durch ihre Biokompatibilität aus. Das heißt, dass die Oberfläche, die beim Spielen der Gitarre berührt wird, bei direkten Kontakt mit lebendem Gewebe keinen negativen Einfluss auf dessen Stoffwechsel ausübt. Alle GEWA-Gitarren, die einen derartigen Lack verwenden, sind mit unserem »AQUA FINISH« - Siegel gekennzeichnet.

Damit unterstreichen wir unsere Verpflichtung für
Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutz.

Die Wichtigkeit Ihrer Gesundheit und der Schutz unserer
Mitarbeiter- / Innen im Produktionsprozess
liegen uns dabei
besonders am Herzen.

Wer profitiert von GEWA Responsibility?

Our customers

Our customers

  • because they can always trust that they are buying a safe and socially just product.
Our traders

Our traders

  • because they can be sure that the goods they offer meet ecological, social and health standards with a clear conscience.
Our employees

Our employees

  • because they can live a dignified life with good and fairly paid, safe work.
Our environment

Our environment

  • because through our particularly sustainable use of resources and permanent commitment to the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, in production or in packaging, we help to protect it.


  • because we firmly believe that sustainable investments in the present will pay off for future generations and the sustainable continuation of our company.