The art of craft

To combine the art of drummers craft with the art of drum making, in the founding of REMO Inc. in 1957, this was the fundamental idea of REMO D. Belli. As a result REMO is today the world's leading provider of a comprehensive range of drum heads, percussion instruments and accessories for all ages. REMO's ground direction is reflected in the children percussion range: taking on this special responsibility by using selected and tested materials to adapt to the needs of the customer, bringing even the youngest of people to the root of communication. Each product of the brand REMO has been manufactured at the highest technical level and oriented to the needs of drumers and percussionists of different genres.

REMO drumheads are the state-of-the-art and are used in more than 90% of all drum sets worldwide. Winner of numerous design and technology awards, the brand products REMO in your hands are your own instrument to show your creativity. Now it counts, discover them for yourself!