American Roots - Made in Europe

The VGS Root Series combines the construction of the American acoustic guitar with the tradition of

European guitar making. The development team, consisting of guitar makers, musicians and designers, is based in the so called “Musikwinkel“ (= „musical corner“) in the Saxon Vogtland - the centre of traditional European instrument making. The father of the modern acoustic guitar, C.F. Martin, was also domiciled here, before he went to the New World and laid the foundation for the instrument that we know today. This, along with the extensive know-how in developing musical instruments, inspired us at VGS to produce high-grade acoustic guitars in Europe.

Traditional handiwork and love for detail are as much in the fore as the use of state-of-the-art machinery and latest technology. The solid tonewood tops from European spruce are naturally dried for years and hand-selected. The top bracing was custom-attuned to the desired Root sound. The result are guitars with a constant quality of sound and manufacturing, produced in an environment that reflects our high demand for guitar making that is socially and ecologically compliant.