MUSIC STYLE: Drum Circles
INSTRUMENT: REMO World Percussion
WEBPAGE: nikolas-geschwill.de/de/drumcircle_de/



“I would like to give people the opportunity to make music together and experience rhythm. Because music is able to cross seemingly insurmountable boundaries between cultures, generations and classes of income - and we need that more than ever.”

Nikolas Geschwill started drum lessons in 1986 and graduated from the Cologne University of Music with his degree in 2002. He started teaching during his studies and always conveyed his main principle: no matter whether it’s a snare drum or a drum set, classical or metal, music is there to be experienced together and to unite people.

In addition to numerous activities as a music teacher in private, public and integrated schools, as well as for private students, he discovered his potential as a trailblazer and mentor: "Young people especially want to make music but the conditions often do not allow for that. As a teacher, I want to give my students a foundation and open up many opportunities: instruments, spaces, grades, contacts, concerts, etc. - if I give them something, wonderful things happen, "explains Nikolas.

Later he became aware of the concept of drum circles and decided to train as a Drum Circle Facilitator with Arthur Hull. Drum circles bring people together from different cultures, generations and income backgrounds, regardless of previous musical experience. The drum becomes the basis of a collaborative experience and opens up countless possible uses in musical education, club and social work, or for training and coaching - and of course in open drum circles for those who are interested.

That’s how Nikolas is bringing “groove to the people“!

VMC Graduated Facilitator